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Bandai Releasing New Transforming Toys This Month in Japan

  Bandai announced a few days ago that it would be releasing some new transforming toys later this month. The toys are to be sold with a popular chewing gum line. However, the thing that makes the "Chouhenkan!! Moji-Bake-ru" toys most interesting is that they are transforming kanji characters.

  There will be six different designs: 01 Inu-Bake-ru (Dog); 02 Tora-Bake-ru (Tiger); 03 Uo-Bake-ru (Fish); 04 Uma-Bake-ru (Horse); 05 Tori-Bake-ru (Bird); 06 Ry?-Bake-ru (Dragon). The company plans to release about 400,000 of these to the Japanese public, and most certainly within weeks one could easily attain the whole set on ebay for a fair price.