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Bandai Namco: ‘Project CARS’ will be the most advanced racing game ever made

Project CARS
Project CARS
Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco Games America seems pretty confident in Project CARS, publisher/developer Slightly Mad Studios' upcoming crowd-sourced racing simulation game, which, according to Bandai, is going to be “the most advanced racing game that has ever been made.”

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Examiner, Brian Hong, director of marketing at BNGA discusses how Project CARS takes advantage of the power of next-generation hardware and why the developer is positive about their product.

“It’s taken advantage of the power of the engines for PS4 and Xbox One,” he said. “So you could see that the graphics are crazy good. You know, it’s gonna be, resolution wise, on 1080p, we’re going for 60 fps, as well. It’s going to be the most advanced racing game that has ever been made, and that’s what the studio is going on record saying [chuckles]. And so, we’re pretty excited to bring that game out to the market.”

In addition to that, Slightly Mad Studios is intent on involving the community in the development of the game, allowing fans to play versions of the unfinished product so that they could give feedback which is then taken into heavy consideration during the next development stage.

“If you look at something unique for this game, it is the first crowd-sourced racing game ever made,” Hong explained. “The studio partnered with the World of Mass Development [WMD] organization. About 80,000 people joined the community. They raised over $6 million to contribute to the development of the game. That’s allowed a lot of these community members to access the game and play it in its various iterations and give feedback, what they thought they liked, what they didn’t like, and a lot of the feedback is going back into the development of the game. That’s really exciting, it’s an unprecedented level of transparency and involvement.”

Project CARS will also be compatible with upcoming virtual reality tech.

“The game has a feature that will work with virtual reality," Hong said. "So people who know of Oculus Rift or the in-development Project Morpheus, definitely the development studio is intending that this game works with those technologies.”

Project CARS is slated for a November 14 release on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. A Wii U version is also coming in 2015.

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