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Bandai Namco discusses 'Lords of the Fallen's' challenge, story and more

Lords of the Fallen
Lords of the Fallen
Bandai Namco

Examiner chats with Community Manager at Bandai Namco Games America Joseph “J” Kartje about the upcoming next generation action role-playing game Lords of the Fallen -- developed by CI Games -- slated for release October 28 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Examiner: Explain a little about Lords of the Fallen.

Joseph Kartje: Lords of the Fallen is a next-gen -- current-gen, now -- action RPG, it’s coming out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It’s developed by a studio out of Poland, they’re called CI Games. And they are focused on making a game for gamers, really. Like a challenging, action RPG, that everyone can play but that is challenging and rewarding. There’s a lot of focus on one on one combat, picking your weapon, picking your style, moving carefully through the levels.

It’s kind of purposefully hard, you can’t just walk through and swing everything around you have to kinda know the enemies. When are they going to attack? How are they going to attack? You’ve got to know your weapons. If you use the big hammer you’ve got to be careful, if you’re using quick daggers you’ve got to move around really quick.

But if you die, you should know why, and you should be able to learn for next time. We don’t want you to be too frustrated, like banging your head against the wall 100 times, we want you to get through it, but it should take a little while.

Ex: And what’s the story?

JK: The story. Your main character, his name is Harken, and he is a bad dude. In the time that Harken lives, if you commit a sin, the deadly sins, you have a tattoo on your face. So Harken has all of these tattoos all over his face, because he’s committed all these sins, all these crimes. And he’s been outcast by society, but when the world’s in trouble, and all these evil lords show up, nobody can really stand up to them, so they call Harken. He’s the world’s last hope, basically.

Ex: What is the inspiration for this game?

JK: The team wanted to make a new IP, something next-gen, something action, something with RPG elements. I think they’ve never done a game like this before, and they wanted to do something brand-new. I think the biggest focus is on graphics, and the feel, the vibe.

Ex: Aside from graphics, because the game does look great, why next-gen only? Is there a reason?

JK: I think the only reason is that [the developer] wanted something beautiful. Something that takes advantage of everything out there. Like, if you were going to come up with a new game, you probably wouldn’t want to develop it on old platforms. I think it’s a game for the core community, right? Everybody is looking forward, everybody is ready to throw their PS3s in the trash -- not that anybody does [chuckles].

Everyone is looking forward. The PS4 and Xbox One, the features on there are very attractive, and so, they just wanted to make the most beautiful game possible. I think if you put it on PS3 and 360, as well, you have to kind of normalize it a little bit. Maybe you can’t get as pretty graphics, or you can’t get a tighter frame rate. I think the choice is just to move on.

Ex: Was last-gen always out of the question?

JK: No. I don’t think it was completely out of the question. It’s just, when it came time to make the decision, they’re like, we’re moving forward.

Ex: Explain to us a little more about the combat.

JK: The gameplay is, there’s a lot of corridors, the main area is a monastery, so you’re kind of in doors. The gameplay is very focused on one on one encounters. You’re not going to come across 100 enemies; however, every enemy is a danger, and you have to calculate, ‘how am I going to attack this? Should I be blocking or should I just go right for it? What kind of weapon am I using? Do I use my magic? The gameplay is very, I don’t want to say slow, but there is a strategic level to it.

Ex: Earlier you said there was a customization aspect to the game?

JK: Yes. So you could pick one of the classes at the beginning. You’ll be able to level up and get new stats and spells throughout the game, and you’ll be able to pick up new weapons, new armor, and kind of customize your guy and decide how you want to play, whether you want to be quick, whether you want to be magic focused, or whether you want heavy armor and a big two-handed weapon, that’s completely up to the player.

Ex: Is there a linear storyline, or depending on the class you choose, it kind of takes you on a separate route?

JK: The storyline is pretty focused, it’s pretty straight forward. As an RPG lover myself, one things I love about the genre, is that if you want I play the same game, we might pick different classes, different armor, different weapons, and we’d have a different experience. We would finish the game and have completely different looking characters. And so, I think that adds a layer of replayability. If I finish with a Cleric, I might want to go back and see how the Warrior feels.

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