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Band sets up fundraiser to help cover East Coast tour

Amy Hendrickson and The Prime Directive will kick off the East Coast Tour with a fundraiser concert.
Amy Hendrickson and The Prime Directive will kick off the East Coast Tour with a fundraiser concert.
Kevin Carter, used with permission

Amy Hendrickson and The Prime Directive, a St. Augustine based band that plays folk rock, funk, jazz and alternative music, has come up with a unique approach to help pay for their pending East coast tour. The band will hold a “gas money fundraiser” on Thursday, June 17, at Scarlett O’Hara’s located in the historic section of the Ancient City [70 Hypolita St.]

Talented bassist Stephen Pigman told Jacksonville Events Examiner the band’s mission is “to create a tidal wave of serotonin.” He said it’s “all about getting our art out there—not only making new fans, but providing a service for people to express themselves through our music.”

Pigman recently performed at New Orleans House in Jacksonville.

The group is rapidly gaining attention by virtue of hard work and talent. They’ve opened for The Wallflowers at The Florida Theatre in Jacksonville, and their music gets radio play from Internet and FM stations around the world. They can also be seen on the popular CW 17 program ‘Your Jax Music.’ That performance will air July 3 and 4.

The Prime Directive tour will cover 15 venues along the Eastern coast during a 2-week span, June 17-July 31.

Aside from being co-workers, the band members are friends. Amy Hendrickson plays guitar and does lead vocals, Pigman does secondary vocals and bass, Corey Peterson plays sax and Steve Hawkes plays drums.

“Amy and I went to school together at Nease high School,” said Pigman. “Corey went to St. Augustine High and Steve is from Stuart, Florida.”

The group has covered Florida for sure, playing at ‘Dancin’ in the Street’ at Neptune Beach, the Limelight Theatre, numerous benefits and fundraisers and clubs around the Southeast. The group has built a steady fan base by using social media like Facebook and MySpace.

Pigman is garnering attention for his nimble skills on the bass; he said he endorses the Warwick brand. He’s an outgoing sort of fellow, and he’s mindful of how important fans are. “We are indebted to our friends and fans,” he said, “because they are what makes this so exhilarating.”

It helps that band members enjoy being around one another. “Being on tour together is an enriching experience for us as musicians and as friends. We are all in a new experience together, and good things happen on the road. New songs, new revelations, funny situations, etc.”

The band’s last stop on the tour will be at the popular venue Henry’s House in another ancient city—Charleston, SC. “We’re so excited,” Pigman said. Prime Directive tour stops include venues in Georgia, North Carolina, West Virginia, Massachusetts and other states.

The band gets kudos for coming up with a creative way to help fund their ambitious tour, and The Prime Directive is an example of Northeast Florida’s indie music talent often overlooked by big media and sometimes by those who promote the area.



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