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Band Ignition lights up with new cover versions, new song, new album and tour

On May 25, 2014, a cool UK band called Ignition not only launched new cover versions for its video showreel, but it has also announced that it has written a new song. In addition, it is promoting its first tour called "The Elements Tour." Plus, Ignition is writing its debut album "All Fired Up."

band leader, singer, songwriter, Si Astbury
Singer Songwriter Si Astbury, Photo by Gordon Kerr, courtesy Si Astbury, used with permission
Ignition, Photo courtesy Si Astbury, used with permission

Behind all this brilliance is singer and songwriter Si Astbury. Astbury, with other band members, have made a variety of announcements pertaining to the release of new versions of cover songs. The songs, "Get Lucky, "Mr. Brightside," "We are Ignition," and others, together with their brand new audio showreel, will soon to be launched!

Si, what is happening with you and the band Ignition lately?

"Ignition's flame is truly a light. So much so that it has just launched brand new cover versions of cover songs. For those who don't know, cover versions are songs written by someone else, our version of their song, Ignition style. We also have a new band member. He is Gordon Kerr From Willington England. Let's just say, there is so much going on!"

So you have a new album in production. Is there a tentative release date?

"Yes, Ignition is also in the process of writing a debut Album 'All Fired Up.' It looks to be released Christmas 2014."

What else is going on with you and/or your band Ignition?

"I've been keeping busy. Ignition has also released a new website and twitter pages, together with regional fan base groups on Facebook. Too, there is a separate video showreel coming out soon of snippets of the songs within the music video showreel."

That is all amazing. You have not been sitting idle. What else can you share, something about a tour?

"Ignition band is now available to venues world wide, and yes the band has also launched their first tour which is called ''The Elements Tour.'"

Si, you as the band's leader, just HOW excited are you with all this?

"I'm VERY excited. All of us are. We're looking forward to people hearing our new sound! It's also great that we're starting to get a following all over the world and in countries like America, Germany, Canada and Australia."

Thank you Si Astbury and Ignition for your time. does not know how you found it (the time for an interview), but thanks just the same!

So far, Ignition's first songs have been launched and aired by these radio stations: Love Leeds Radio, TRM Radio, Phoenix Hospital Radio and Staxton Radio. The band has also recently added new member Gordon Kerr From Willington England.

"The Elements Tour" begins at Bramley Music Festival in Leeds June 7-8. Later in the year their tour will be at Derby at The Vic, Burton on Trent at The Wetmore Whistle and in Scarborough at Spital Farm Camp Site.

Fans can follow Iginition on Facebook, and the full band is made up of Gordon Kerr - percussionist drums and cajun, Graeme Drayton - rhythm guitar and bass guitar, Evan Hendry - lead guitar rhythm and bass, Christine Dyke - lead guitar rhythm and bass, Lukas V. Donald - keys and guitar, Si Astbury - vocals lead front man and Keith Mawbey - manager.

Enjoy their latest tunes at:

The "reviews" keep coming in on Ignition's music. Here is one from a fan:

"I personally feel that Si Astbury, and his band "Ignition" should perform on David Letterman's "Late Show" in New York. The same location where the show is taped, is the same theater where the Beatles were originally introduced to North America, back in the early sixties on the old "Ed Sullivan Show" and thereafter become phenomenal super stars on the music scene." - Kurtis Sanders

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