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Banana Boat’s Sport Sunscreen Lip Balm for ultimate protection

Banana Boat Lip Balm
Banana Boat Lip Balm
Karin Leperi

On a recent trip to Tanzania in East Africa, I thought I had packed for every scenario. One thing I forgot, was a lip balm. As a result of my oversight, I painfully discovered what it means to burn your lips. By the first evening my lips were feeling sensitive and sunburnt – something that had never happened to me. By the next morning, they were puffy and swollen, making me look like I had had collagen injections that had gone all wrong. Meanwhile, I had found a tube of generic chap stick, but it didn't seem to work. A fellow photographer gave me a spare tube of Banana Boat’s Sport Sunscreen Lip Balm with broad spectrum SPF 50. “I picked it up at REI,” he told me.

The package indicates that it provides 3-way protection while keeping lips moisturized but sweat resistant. Apparently the ultra-sheer formula with patented AvoTriplex™ technology protects 3 ways: (1) Against sunburn with high UVB protection, (2) Against aging and long-term skin damage with high UVA protection, and (3) Lasts longer than ordinary sunscreens since it doesn't break down.

I applied it about every hour because if felt good on my lips, and within a day, I could finally pass food by my lips. Plus, the bee-stung look was definitely subsiding. My unintentional field testing of Banana Boat’s Sport Sunscreen Lip Balm gives it a “thumbs up.” I will definitely add it to my standard packing list for future trips. Retails from $1.99-$2.25 at REI and most drugstores