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Bamboo Shoots brings Brooklyn to Austin

INsite Night: Bamboo Shoots w/ The Soldier Thread and Frantic Clam, presented by TwoGroove

TwoGroove is happy to present Bamboo Shoots at Mixx. Signed to Epic Records and fresh off a tour in India, they'll be making an Austin stop at Mixx. They'll take the stage with support from The Soldier Thread and Frantic Clam. This will be TwoGroove's last sponsored event at Mixx as they move to greener pastures, so come make it a good one. Not only will there be great music, Trevor Ray Thompson will be on hand, photobooth at the ready. And it's an INsite Night to boot!

RSVP for $5 entry, $8 at the door
Click the poster above to RSVP.

All ages.
Doors open nice and early at 8pm.

Frantic Clam - 9pm
The Soldier Thread - 10pm
Bamboo Shoots - 11pm

Bamboo Shoots There's something odd about Bamboo Shoots. Certainly a band of four brown-skinned boys whose collective faces look equally at home on a terrorist watchlist as any promotional poster is, well, unique. That all of the members are of Indian descent at a time when Indian culture is exploding globally is surely... noteworthy. "We gave up on fitting in a long time ago," states singer/guitarist Avir Mitra with a shrug. Mix innovative hooks and lean guitars with urban inspired beats and subtle world flavor, add a dash of Brooklyn cred but temper it with a lyrical openness - now you begin to get at the sound of Armour, their Epic Records debut. It's future-feeling and it's retro and it almost didn't happen.

The Soldier Thread There is a fragility coating the sweeping songs of The Soldier Thread; it’s scrawled on every measure and delicately interwoven with each chilling harmony. It’s a sound that creeps into the room with a wispy ambiance, allowing for a tangible vulnerability. But suddenly, each calculated melody comes crashing together, and the dynamic shifts. The sound begins to swell with a vibrant chorus, and the fragility gives way into something more powerful, more meaningful. For The Soldier Thread, this comes as second nature. For the rest of us, it comes as breathtaking.

Frantic Clam Frantic Clam began half a world away in the winter of 2006 when guitarist, Zack Hadley and bassist, Joe Sparks were deployed to Iraq with the US Army. Upon returning to the United States in December of 2007, they began working on their first self-released EP titled “Celebrity.” In the spring of 2008, high school friends, drummer Vasanth Coorg and guitarist Jack Reid joined as the group began playing shows in and around Austin, Texas. Most recently, Gregg Irick and Scott Cater have joined the band as both Vasanth and Joe moved to new ports of call.