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'Bam’s Badass Game Show' premieres Monday, April 14 on TBS

Bam Magera Host of Bam's Badass Game Show
Bam Magera Host of Bam's Badass Game Show
Courtesy of Turner Entertainment Networks, Inc. PR

“Bam’s Badass Game Show” will make Monday nights a bit crazier as Jackass star Bam Margera is giving brave/insane contestants a chance to compete in the fashion that only few are accustomed to doing. Do they have the nerve to last through to the end, where the weekly winner will receive $10,000 and hopefully, still have some brain cells left?

Each show starts off with the giant WARNING, that states: “Bam’s Badass Game Show” features stunts performed under the supervision of professionals. TBS and the producers must insist that no one attempt to recreate any activity performed on this show.” When a show starts off with a disclaimer like that; one can only guess what will happen. Assisted by his friends and cohorts, Tim O’Connor (Bam’s World Domination), Seth Meisterman (Jackass 3D, Viva la Bam) and Brandon Novak (Jackass, Viva la Bam), who will help design and demonstrate the various challenges, kind of like a live crash test dummy.

For anyone who loved the Jackass movies and envied the guys who had the nerve to pull off or almost pull off some of the ridiculous antics they went through, here is the chance to see others go through the rigors the original Jackass cast went through, although the disclaimer states that the supervision consists of professionals, one can only wonder just what profession they belong to.

“Bam’s Badass Game Show” airs on TBS on Monday nights beginning April 14 at 10:30 p.m. Eastern/Pacific Time 9:30 Central Time. TBS has ordered six half hour episodes of “Bam’s Badass Game Show” from Bill’s Market & Television Productions. David A. Hurwitz of Fear Factor fame, Noah Bonnett of Total Blackout fame and Bam Margera serve as executive producers.

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