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Bam Margera's "Bad Ass Game Show" on TBS

Since age 17 professional skateboarder Brandon Cole Margera better known as 'Bam' has been entertaining the globe. His first film 'Camp Kill Yourself' was a run away hit and ushered Bam onto Hollywood's radar.'Camp Kill Yourself' was loved by not only skateboarders but people from all walks of life and all over the world furthering his notoriety. Bam's high energy level and need to stay productive have since spawned multiple television shows and feature films as well as a Sirius Satellite radio show. Bam has also been touring as a musician dubbed 'F@$kface Unstoppable'. F@$kface has and impressive line up which includes Bam's very talented brother Jess Margera on drums and Guttermouth's Alexander James Flamsteed affectionately referred to as 'Rubbish Heap' as well as Brandon (Pill Collin's) Novak. If you want to catch F@$kface Unstoppable on tour they will be attending the Sonisphere concert July 4th - 6th in Knebworth Park in the United Kingdom.

Co-Star of Bam Margera's new show on TBS. Bam's Bad Ass Game Show Brandon Novak taking one for the team.
Co-Star of Bam Margera's new show on TBS. Bam's Bad Ass Game Show Brandon Novak taking one for the team.
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Bam Margera's "Bad Ass Game show" on TBS premieres April 14.2014 at 10:30PM
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If you want to see more of Bam before Sonisphere look no further then TBS. Looks like TBS takes there 'Very Funny' slogan very serious and has given Bam his own game show! In keeping with tradition Bam brought Baltimore's Brandon Novak with him. Those two together is a successful formula for comedic gold every time. Keep in mind that the show is definitely toned down a little from some of Bam's independent releases because it's on TBS, but it's the same Bam and Novak hi jinks you are used to and won't disappoint. Bam's Bad Ass Game show was so well received by the exec's at TBS they chose to air it right after Family Guy TBS's highest rate time slot. Bam's Bad Ass Game show premieres April 14.2014 at 10:30.- Jason Chapman The Baltimore TV Examiner

"I am really stoked on how the show turned out. They gave Bam Margera full creative control of everything except for the music which is always a relief. With these type of shows the editors can take something great and turn it to shit. Obviously this is the first season, so like anything else it was some what trial and error. After watching the episodes we saw some areas we want to improve on. But overall we are really stoked with the end results. It was definitely different filming this show because we obviously have never done a game show before. Seeing the confidence our pals at TBS had in us and the team of editors we had, we knew we could make magic happen. We were able to get the best time slot after the number one show which is Family Guy because of all the reviews that Bam's Bad Ass game show got. So it seems we completed our goal. Stay tuned for season 2 because it is going kick the shit out of season 1"- Brandon Novak co-star of Bam's Bad Ass Gameshow on TBS

"I was lucky enough to watch an early version of the show and it was awesome! Novak on the Wheel of Misfortune is amazing! Don't miss it." - Jason Chapman The Baltimore TV Examiner

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