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Baltimore Youth Summer Program Launches New Campaign in 2014

Looking for a great summer camp for your athletic teen girl? Are you a philanthropist who relishes at a chance to give back to the community in any way possible? Well, Mindful Mentor’s Planting Seeds is an excellent program created to promote summer education and positivity amongst Baltimore student athletes. As a schoolteacher in West Baltimore, Program Founder Natasha Thurmon is a young woman who understands the importance of the old proverb “It takes a village”. In fact, the theme for the third year of Mindful Mentor’s Planting Seeds is “The 2014 Be Mindful Campaign” which, as stated in a recent press release issued by the organization, acts to “create awareness of the need for people to get involved with and support our youth”. With this added support of the community, Natasha hopes to strengthen and grow her organization by having the ability to make a special impact in the lives of even greater numbers of youths. This summer, help a teen plant a seed in our community by showing support to Mindful Mentors and aiding the organization to achieve this important mission and motivate our already talented teen girls.