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Baltimore sinkhole video goes viral: Sinkhole swallows line of cars 1 by 1

An incredible new video of a street collapsing into a sink hole and taking a row of cars with it has gone viral today. This Baltimore sinkhole swallows the area of an entire city block. The cars looked like toys flipping on their side and falling into the hole forming beneath them and the screams of fright heard on the video give you a realistic window into this astonishing event.

The Baltimore sinkhole video that has gone viral, it is amazing as the cars are picked off, one by one.
YouTube screen shot/ Washington Post

The Washington Post on May 2, likens the video to watching a house of cards collapse, but you will have to see it for yourself to actually take in the velocity and power behind Mother Nature. This street is in a major U.S. City, not in some rural area that’s hardly traveled.

While videos have surfaced of this sinkhole over the past few days, none of them caught the event like this one did. Once the cars fall off one by one into the sinkhole, a major wall of debris and dust splashes up like a violent wave hitting the beach during a storm. The sounds of fright are heard from the people nearby as this happens.

The sinkhole formed after a period of heavy rain that lasted more than 24 hours. Along with 10 cars perishing into this newly formed crater-like hole in the ground, homes were evacuated. Authorities today say it may take up to a month to thoroughly inspect these home for structural integrity. Dozens of residents are displaced due to the sinkhole.

According to CNS News today, the sinkhole took out one lane of East 26th Street between North Charles and St. Paul Streets. This happened in the Charles Village neighborhood of Baltimore on Wednesday afternoon about 4 p.m.

You can see in the video after the row of cars are flipped and swallowed up by the sinkhole a row of street lights go down looking like match sticks instead of sturdy metal posts. This video caught a sight rarely seen and it will definitely cause a few jaws to drop. Check out the video, it is posted above.

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