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Baltimore sinkhole size of a city block: Swallows 10 cars, homes evacuated

A massive sinkhole in Baltimore sounded like thunder when it was forming, but it was coming from the ground up and shaking everything in sight. This is how witnesses describe experiencing the sinkhole for about 15 seconds as it was forming. When the noise and movement stopped, the hole was about the size of an entire city block and it had sucked in 10 cars.

Baltimore sinkhole is the size of an entire city block has swallowed cars.Thankfully no one was injured.
YouTube screen shot/ ABC News

As with most sinkholes, there were no warnings for the folks who live in an area of Baltimore called “Pastel Row.” This older section of the city is where the circa 1920 houses are each painted a different pastel color, according to The Inquisitr on May 1.

The roar of this thunderous movement of the earth lasted about 15 seconds, but when this jarring bolt ended, the landscape of an entire city block was changed. The road and the cars parked along this residential street were gone. A line of cars were still teetering on the edge of the sinkhole, as seen in the picture above.

According to ABC News, the block lined with row-houses was evacuated as they are in danger of becoming victims of this massive sinkhole. The city has called in a building inspector to assess the situation. Luckily, there were no injuries reported from this sink hole event.

The Baltimore Fire Department’s Twitter page gives the location of the sinkhole as the first block of 26th Street. This gaping hole in the earth opened up right next to the railroad tracks that services CSX, prompting rail traffic to come to a halt. Authorities have stopped the use of the tracks until debris are cleared and the area is assessed for safety.

Some witnesses said that the land just slid down towards the center of the Earth. They describe a land-slide-like event of the water saturated ground. Heavy rains hit the area for the last 24 hours. Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake held a press conference on Wednesday night after an event, she said:

“We’re extremely blessed that we’re talking about property damage and damage to the street and no loss of life.”

The area of the sinkhole is roped off with yellow crime scene-type tape and the mayor asked that people stay away from the yellow tape to avoid any injuries.

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