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Baltimore’s Ray Rice indicted Thursday, marries Friday

Ray Rice marries Janay Palmer one day after indictment brought down
Photo by Michael Loccisano

Maybe what happened in Atlantic City between Ray Rice and then fiancée/now wife Janay Palmer was just a fluke, a date that somehow got out of hand. Obviously, the couple still cares for each other. They married only one day after Ray Rice was indicted on one count of aggravated assault that stemmed from that domestic violence incident.

Both Ray Rice and Janay Palmer were arrested after the incident at the Revel Casino in Atlantic City, N.J. last month. The complaint says Rice struck Palmer. A video later surfaced showing Rice dragging an apparently unconscious Palmer out of an elevator.

The charge against Rice, at first, was simple assault. The indictment ended up as a third-degree aggravated assault charge, which could land him in jail. Charges against Palmer have been dismissed.

Rice’s lawyer, Michael Diamondstine, is disputing the charge. ESPN received a communique from Diamondstine.

I have been advised by the Prosecutor's Office that an indictment has been returned. The state has decided not to prosecute (Rice's fiancée) Ms. (Janay) Palmer. While we certainly aren't looking to pass the buck, it was Ms. Palmer who started the altercation, and the state chose to prosecute Mr. Rice only. And again, we deny that he committed an aggravated assault. We don't think the law would support that (he did). And we just ask the public to reserve judgment until all of the facts are out.”

Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti supports Rice and has told the media that Rice will “definitely” be back with the team in 2014. "I've been on record of saying my definition of character is repeating offenses," Bisciotti told reporters. "If we're all one strike and you're out, then we're all in trouble."

The NFL has been somewhat silent on what, if anything, it plans to do with the Ray Rice situation. Commissioner Roger Goodell has commented, but not said whether Rice will face a suspension or other sanctions.

The incident happened on Feb. 15. Ray Rice’s Twitter feed has been silent since Feb. 12 and he hasn't issued a direct statement.

Quote Source: The Bleacher Report

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