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Baltimore’s dogs get tech-savvy with Pet Check Technology

Dog walking goes tech-savvy
Dog walking goes tech-savvy
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The dog walking business has entered the 21st century equipped with QR codes, GPS and mobile apps so owners never again have to worry about the moments away from a pet. Pet Check Technology is a growing solution among dog-walking entrepreneurs as the service has redefined the communications between business owners, staff and customers, making for happier and better cared pups all around.

In Baltimore, Charm City Paws is the first dog walking company to use Pet Check Technology and with great success, confirms Angela Lauta, owner. Each client is given a unique QR code and receives real-time updates by email with all the details of the pet’s care from drop off to pick-up, including helpful notes like any changes observed in behavior, health or appetite. Dog owners also know the details of when and where their dog has been walked for the day.

Not only does Pet Check Technology keep dog walkers accountable for providing quality care, but customers are left with a heightened sense of security, knowing that their dog is safe and being cared for all day long. For owners who need to work long hours or can’t get away from the office for a mid-day visit, the connectedness enabled through this technology truly helps bridge the gap and minimalize guilt, while assuring that pet care is maintained throughout the day.

On the business side, the technology has also been recognized for greatly improved operating efficiency and simplifying scheduling. The mobile app keeps dog walkers up-to-date on any schedule changes, plus on-site check-ins and GPS tracking helps ensure every pet is accounted for.

For more information on Pet Check Technology, visit, or contact Charm City Paws at 410-564-4650 to schedule your next premier dog walking service in Baltimore City.