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Baltimore's best contractor website finalists, vote now



  • Chris Schmuff 6 years ago

    The site was user freindly and informative.

  • CKL 6 years ago

    Wallenstein Construction is my pick. Great work.

  • Stephen R. Freeman 6 years ago

    Very attention getting intially and informative on possibilities for those seeking to remodel or renovate.

  • David A. Greenberg 6 years ago

    Wallenstein Construction is highly recommended.



  • Michelle Stubbs 6 years ago

    Wallenstein Construction is the best choice whether your doing a little renovation or a big remodeling project. There company is excellent for high-end work and pays great attention to detail. If you want to give your home some elegance and glamour Wallenstein is the company to choose. There website is user friendly and you will recieve a response promptly. Arnie Wallenstein and his team are dedicated and will make sure you have the home of our dreams !!!! Wallenstein Construction - A STEP ABOVE THE REST !!!

  • Jerilyn Gilbert 6 years ago

    I was impressed with Wallenstein's website.

  • Carl Jacobs 6 years ago

    Wallenstein works best for me.

  • Bernadette and Frederick Kahl 6 years ago

    Smart looking web site

  • Michelle S 6 years ago

    Simply the Best !!!

  • K. Mannion 6 years ago

    Wallenstein is by far my choice as Baltimore's best. The only construction company I recommend to my friends and clients. Great web site.

  • Steve 6 years ago

    RULE4 Website has better structure for all they have to offer. It's just not about looks anymore, but the information you want and need to get across so homeowners know what you're all about.

  • Arina Isaacson 6 years ago

    Go Wallenstein website. Gorgeous!

  • Deirdre White 6 years ago

    Go Wallenstein!

  • henry 6 years ago

    top number one.

  • Arina Isaacson 6 years ago

    YES! for Wallenstein

  • cindi 6 years ago

    This site is the best by far!

  • Arina Isaacson 6 years ago

    Wallenstein website is still the best!

  • Rufonso 6 years ago

    Wallenstein site, I didn't think was all that great. The use of spacing and layout seemed amateurish. Rule4 did it right. I am not affiliated with them or their website company, but that's an easy to use, informative, slick design. Good job...and I'm a professional web designer. Again, though I had NOTHING to do with that project. Wallenstein was a little disappointing.

  • Sheltry Holmes 6 years ago

    Atlantic Remoldeling really do a great job with home improvement

  • Evo Morales 6 years ago

    Rule 4 is by far the best in my opinion.

  • Diana Mangrum 6 years ago

    Vote for Rule4

  • anthony 6 years ago

    està mal que hagan eso

  • Klaus Fischer 6 years ago

    Rule 4 rules...

  • Emily Michael 6 years ago

    RULE 4 Rocks!!!! You all are the best! You deserve to win!

  • Pamela Bond 6 years ago

    I do not know much about these companies, but I appreciate information and the discussion related thereto.

  • Tracy Russell 6 years ago

    Rule 4's website is more intuitive than the others and that is best for someone like me, who doesn't use the internet alot.

  • Jo Chanter 6 years ago

    superbly designed website!!

  • H Fountain 6 years ago

    RULE4 Website, Nobody does it better!!!

  • Norb and Vern Lucash 6 years ago

    Our vote is for Rule4

  • M. Goldberg 4 years ago

    I wish I would have found this earlier. The contractor that built my mansion would have easily won. The site is and build custom homes and do upscale renovations. Best contractor website ever!

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