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Baltimore Running Festival 2011: Results, recap, and pictures

First place male: Marathon
First place male: Marathon
Erin Sanders

Eleven years, and still running strong. Yesterday almost 25,000 runners ran across the finish line in front of M&T Stadium. On a sunny and windy day, goals were accomplished and PR's were made.

Erin Sanders

This year the prize was $25,000 for the first place winner of the the marathon for both men and women. For the men, Stephen Muange of Kenya captured the prize running his first marathon ever with an amazing time of 2:15:16. Coming in just four seconds behind, second place goes to Ambesse Tolosa of Ethiopia and third will be Tesfaye Alemayehyu from Ethiopia only two seconds behind second place. Up until mile 24 the men remained in a pack of eight or more until the finish became a dead sprint. Don't ask what a dead sprint is for guys who are already running sub-5 minute marathons! (see images)

For the women, Olena Shurkhno of the Ukraine not only captured first place once again but also made a course record by over two minutes! Coming in at 2:29:11, Shurkhno will receive a bonus of $2500 for her outstanding work. Though Liudmila Biktasheva of Russia also blew away the course record with a time of 2:29:59, she will claim second place. Coming in third Helen Kimatai from Kenya finished with a time of 2:31:10 also coming under the previous course record of 2:32:17. (see images)

Once again, no cash prize was offered for the half marathon. For the men, Habib Ettarfaoui of Pikesville finished first with a time of 1:11:59 followed by Matt Flinn and Tim Baratz. (See images)

For the women, Katrin Kreil came in first with a time of 1:24:07, followed by Kara Waters from Ellicott City-1:24:21. Back On My Feet Director Jaclyn Truncellito finished third with a time of 1:28:46. (see images)

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