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Baltimore review: Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

This book was incredible. It’s about a woman named Claire who lives in 1945, she is on vacation with her husband Frank when she falls through some sort of wormhole and winds up in 1773. The action and adventure in this novel is amazing. Her descriptions of everything is so immense that it is a little overwhelming at times. But the plot is riveting and it is exciting to hear this is coming to life on the screen. People normally cringe at things that mare made from book to film or television because they are never as good as in my head. Yet, for some reason, that may not be an issue here. There is enough action in the book to carry a series through pretty steadily so there isn't much need to deviate from the plot too much.

Best thing about this book? The whole plot. I mean, every twist and turn.

Worst thing? Sometimes a bit too detailed.

Who should read this novel? If you like acton and adventure mixed with steamy romance and time travel. Dr Who fans might like it. Also people who are into historical romances. Also people who like stories of survival. It’s pretty much a one size fits all kind of book!

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