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Baltimore recording group MacFour offers old school creativity

Baltimore's MacFour, young Old School and R&B group
Baltimore's MacFour, young Old School and R&B group
photo provided by and used with permission from Kevin McKenney

Their names and ages are as follows: Kevin - 13, K'Von - 11, K-Love - 9, and Keith - 7. Together, they make up the group, MacFour, which has been in existence for four years. The members of MacFour rehearse every day and write their own songs. They are under the Next Legacy Recording Group.

The group started as a bet between Kevin and his father. Dad bet that his namesake couldn't hit a step while listening to New Edition's 'Any Heartbreak'. After young Kevin hit the step, the other three brothers came down and did the same step. The next day, the eager Kevin asked his dad when they would rehearse. His dad asked, 'Rehearse what?" They listened to New Edition and the boys picked 'Is It Love?' for rehearsal purposes. They had their first show for Anthony Jeter, a promoter for SuperFest Entertainment.

The group is heavily influenced by the music of their parents' generation. Because their parents listen to R&B and Old School music, the boys became interested. They love to listen to New Edition, The Temptations, The Jackson 5, Dru Hill, The Stylistics, Troop and Blue Magic.

MacFour has appeared on Fox 45, WOLB, the Anthony Jeter Show, the DMV and with Mr. Leamon Best and the First Mic Awards, all of which are in the Baltimore area. They have also performed in Raleigh and Durham NC. They even auditioned for the show, 'America's Got Talent'.

The group appeared at the Bmore News 11th Anniversary Celebration where they met Moonyene Jackson-Amis, who was instrumental in arranging their upcoming performance. MacFour's next performance will be Saturday, August 9, 2014 for the Freedom Fighters event in Washington, DC. between 1:30 and 4:30PM. They are also currently in the studio recording singles.

Most recently, Brooke Payne from New Edition invited MacFour to a Baltimore performance during which the young men met and greeted New Edition, who also took photos with the group.

In the future, the elder Kevin McKenney sees them going straight to the top because no other group is doing what they are doing. He says they are disciplined and love what they do. (These young men attend Hamilton Elementary/Middle School and are all on the Honor Roll.) They love R&B and old school. They also give a very good show. MacFour is ranked #3 in R&B on Reverbnation. MacFour has a single called 'Jasmine' on Itunes.

YouTube videos of MacFour performances can be found at and

MacFour can be reached via, Instagram: MacFourEnt and Facebook: MacFourEntLLC. Their website is

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