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Baltimore Ravens’ Ray Rice: No word yet from NFL as to possible sanctions

The NFL is still deciding on sanctions for Baltimore's Ray Rice due to his domestic violence arrest
The NFL is still deciding on sanctions for Baltimore's Ray Rice due to his domestic violence arrest
Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Baltimore Ravens’ running back Ray Rice had a meeting this week with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Despite that, the Baltimore Sun reports on June 19 that there is no timetable for any sanctions the league may impose on him due to his Februarydomestic violence arrest.

There has been no word from the NFL or from Roger Goodell personally as to what Rice’s league punishment might be. It is Goodell’s policy to meet with a player before he makes any type of a ruling. Rice and wife Janay both attended the meeting.

The Ravens aren’t sure what’s going on either. Head coach John Harbaugh was asked if he knew when a ruling would come down for Rice. “Not to my knowledge. I’m not aware of any timetable on that at all.”

Ray Rice’s legal troubles have apparently worked themselves out. He was accepted into a diversionary program for first-time offenders. Under that program, there will be no trial and no jail time. After a period of complying with the rules of that program, the incident can be permanently expunged from Rice’s record.

Despite all that, it’s expected that there will be a league punishment, possibly severe, involving a multi-game suspension and fines. The NFL has a very strict personal conduct policy. Rice has never been in any kind of trouble before.

The Baltimore Ravens’ mandatory minicamp got underway Tuesday at the Under Armour Performance Center. Rice is taking part in the camp. However, expecting an early-season suspension for Rice, the team has prepared by signing veteran running back Justin Forsett and drafting back Lorenzo Taliaferro in the fourth round of the draft. Bernard Pierce, Rice’s backup for the past two seasons, is also ready.

Through it all, Rice has been very apologetic and the Ravens have been standing behind him. He made a statement in a public news conference on May 24 as to the incident.

“There were a lot of tears shed, but me and Janay can truly say that we’re in a better place,” Rice said. “Hopefully, one day I’ll gain back everyone’s trust to let you all know that we’re still the same people, and I’m still the same person. I really treat my job as a very special job, and I failed miserably. But I wouldn’t call myself a failure, because I’m working my way back up.”

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