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Baltimore plastic surgery patients look to broccoli to prevent skin cancer

Baltimore plastic surgery patients who are tired of having multiple biopsies and excisions for skin cancer may now have a new weapon in the prevention and treatment of skin cancer. A recent article looks at the research done with sulforaphane (a naturally occurring compound in broccoli) and how its topical application may help to prevent and even treat many of the common forms of skin cancer. Ultraviolet rays from the sun can contribute greatly to causing skin cancer and blocking those rays can be key to the prevention of skin cancer. For Baltimore cosmetic surgery patients, this is important for several reasons. First, the sun can be very intense during the summers here, and a new weapon against skin cancer would be great. Second, for those Baltimore facelift patients who are sun bathers having a cream that prevents skin cancer to apply to the skin and scars of the face may help maintain great results for a long time. I guess our parents were right when they told us to, "Eat your veggies!."

Broccoli's ability to prevent skin cancer
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