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Baltimore man gets 5 years in prison for 'dine and dash' crimes

The Baltimore Sun has reported that Andrew Palmer, 47, the notorious Baltimore dine-and-dash criminal won’t be stealing from local restaurants anytime soon. On Friday, a judge sentenced Palmer to a five-year prison stretch for skipping out on restaurant tabs. Courtesy of taxpayers, Palmer will now be able to get three free meals per day.

Andrew Palmer won't be dining and dashing for the next five years.
Baltimore Sun Facebook page

The article reports that local police and paramedics know Palmer for faking seizures to avoid paying his tab. Restaurants know Palmer so well they began posting his picture in their establishments. Unfortunately, he has managed to escape punishment because a theft under $100 only requires a short jail term. Without any success, authorities have jailed countless times.

After Palmer had skipped on a $89 tab last year, District Judge Theodore Oshrine had tired of Palmer’s antics and tossed him in the slammer. Palmer’s last meal at Oliver Speck’s (now closed), finally landed him into prison. After Palmer had feasted on pork chops, sides and several drinks, the bartender stopped serving him. He then allegedly “passed out.” After medical staff evaluated Palmer, he told them he was faking because he didn’t have the cash to pay his tab. Not only does Palmer steal from the restaurants; he has kept local paramedics and medical staff away from real emergencies.

Not only do people who skip out on their check hurt the restaurant, they also hurt the server or bartender who waited on the nonpaying customer. Last year, reported a story about a server who lost her job because she refused to pay a $96 bill from a party of dine and dashers. The slate also reports that dining and dashing is a cost of doing business. Unfortunately, this crime can cost an innocent server or bartender their job.

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