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Baltimore landslide caught on video

April 30th 2014 marks the day of the deluge. BWI airport recorded a record tying 3.06” of rain for the date. It was our date with the storm that brought the first deadly tornado outbreak across the nation and even close to 2 feet of rain to parts of Florida.

Heavy rain flood Ellicott City
Heavy rain flood Ellicott City
Richard Quesenberry
Record rainfall after record cold and heavy snow this winter may have been the final blow to this wall
Stacey Mink

Our region has countless flooding events, blocking roads, drowning basements, and taking out a defunct retaining wall in Charles Village on 26th along the CSX railroad tracks between Charles St. and St. Paul. The actual collapse was captured on video by Nicholas Nick Nico Reyes. See the Related Video clip here on the left. While the cars were already off the street, forward to 1:10 and you will see the dramatic slide of a large chunk of land. This included trees, street lamps, and sidewalk.

  • Was it the 8.60 inches of rain for the month of April? That was 5.41 inches above normal.
  • Was it the 39 inches of snow this winter? That was almost double our norm.
  • Was it the Polar Vortex and subsequent deep freezes, including the coldest March temperature on record (4°F on March 4th)

See: Rare ice formations from arctic air

Whatever it was, it was too much for an aging infrastructure in despair. What is even more surprising is that this particular stretch was a concern of residents for decades. Check out this Baltimore Sun article highlighting a $1 million proposal to fix this, back in 1998.

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