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Baltimore joins Missouri in shooting protest

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Baltimore residents have joined hundreds in Missourians in nonviolent demonstrations; according to an August 14 article in CBS News Baltimore. Both groups are protesting the shooting of an unarmed citizen. 18 year old Michael Brown was shot and killed by police on August 9.

Brown, according to USA Today, was walking home from school with friends. He had a physical altercation with a female officer that ended after several shots were fired. 48 hours later; schools were closed, looting was reported, and government leaders were gathering for prayer. Several officers and political leaders reported that they had received death threats. The FBI has since taken over the investigation.

The Bible, even while referring to the Jews as “the chosen people;” has a number of scriptures that do not support racism or disparate treatment in any fashion. The Bible instructs us in John 7:24 to avoid judging people by their outward appearance. The Bible also says (Acts 10:34-35) that God is no respecter of persons. In short, looking down on someone or judging someone based on appearance is wrong.

100 Chicagoans were asked about protests. 75% stated that they would protest given the right circumstances. Half of those surveyed felt that protests are typically born out of race and race relations. Almost all (94%) of those surveyed felt that protests were unlawful. None of those surveyed would consider joining the protests in Missouri.

Racism is a word that is both over and underutilized. To some; it is the cause of everything. To others, it is an excuse people use when they just need to try harder. For decades, protests have been the response given when people feel morally wronged. Have you ever been the victim of discriminatory? Do you think that cries of racism are overblown? As it relates to race; have things gotten better or worse?