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Baltimore Help and Advocacy for Haiti's Children



Many Americans are part of Haitian child-protection efforts for orphans and homeless children in Haiti after recent earthquake devastation. The needs will continue for a long time.

In Baltimore, many groups are helping in Haiti and fundraising from afar. Children, the most vulnerable, are a special concern. The Baltimore Jewish Times  is mobilizing aid to Haiti and also urging that Americans  be allowed to host Haitian children until the fate of their families is known.

Along with World Relief, based in Baltimore, many helping non-governmental and church groups are helping.

This is a humble and shining moment for Baltimore and for Maryland, for every resident that reaches out to Haiti. An earthquake horror of unspeakable magnitude draws people of Baltimore and other cities to dig into their pockets to share.  Some will open their homes to children, to adopt or to host until their parents' fate is determined.

May this spirit of helping continue as needs at home and abroad touch many people, families, and communities. May we do more as we learn more about Haiti's needs through this calamity.

Do you want to donate but have not yet done so? You can go on-line to Charity Navigator to find out what are the most reliable groups nationally and internationally. Let’s take the time to help. It is very good to give.


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