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Baltimore hair loss patients can restore eyebrow and even eyelash hair follicles

Baltimore hair loss patients can not only restore the hair on the scalp, but they can even restore lost hair from eyebrows and even eyelashes! The actual procedure is identical to the standard hair transplant procedure, but fewer grafts are taken. Typically, a hair transplant for the scalp involves about 2,000 grafts while a hair transplant for the eyelashes and eyebrows only uses about 100-200 grafts. After the eyebrow or eyelash hair transplant, the hair will actually grow like your natural hair! What this means for the patient is that they will have to trim the hair just like the hair on their scalp. However, the results are very natural looking. DC hair loss patients are close to Baltimore and they can benefit from this as well. Visit with your local Maryland hair loss specialist to see if an eyebrow or eyelash hair transplant is right for you!

Before and after photos of a Baltimore eyebrow hair transplant
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