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Baltimore City Councilman launches bid for…

Councilman Bill Henry Jr. and family...
Councilman Bill Henry Jr. and family...
GCOMM Media Co.

Last night Baltimore City 4th district Councilman Bill Henry Jr., who many thought would “take his show on the road” and run citywide, made his intentions known amongst a healthy size crowd of family, friends and supporters.

The first term councilman was greeted by the likes of fellow council colleagues such as neighboring district councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke and Council President Bernard ‘Jack’ Young, at the northeast district popular restaurant, Zen West. He addressed his guests with a brief celebratory speech filled with plenty thank yous, we can do betters and a passion-filled promise of continuing his full-time job of improving the lives of those present, as well as the entire dwindling population of Baltimore residents.

However, after acknowledging the likes of those in attendance who were elected and not elected, such as his mentor and father 43rd District State Central Committee member Bill Henry Sr. and local school board member Lisa Akchin, Henry removed all doubt as to his intentions for the upcoming election year and for the next four years of his life possibly? “I am honored and privileged to have served you in the capacity of the fourth district councilman, for the last four years, and hope to continue that privilege for another four years as a councilman, in arguably the best district in Baltimore.”

Asked about his possible opposition this year and talks of his citywide bid and he simply replies, “You never heard that talk from me, as I have continued being a stalwart servant and citizen of this great district and welcome the process of democracy this year.” Being resolute in his stance of great public service for the citizens of Baltimore by remaining a full-time councilman, though not required and certainly not practiced by the rest of the council, Henry seemed to liken his service in the district to that of being a committed father and husband. “I made a choice to remain faithful and loyal to my wife and children and have taken the oath of office, for the fourth council district, as serious and as committed as I do my marriage oath.”

Well I guess Scherod Barnes and all other possible competitors’ better watch out – or bring their A-game for 2011?

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