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Baltimore Christian community responds to Arizona shooting and Phylicia Barnes

Baltimore City Police Department solicits help in finding missing youth
Baltimore City Police Department solicits help in finding missing youth
Baltimore City Police Department

Just when you think you’ve heard the worst, yet another news story presents itself to the media and brings light to the senseless acts of evil-doings that are bringing people of faith together in prayer. Consequently the media is only capable of covering just a portion of the total senseless acts of evil that are occurring at both local and national levels. Nonetheless, stories like that of the Arizona shooting resulting in the death of several people including a Federal Judge, a Congresswoman and a 9-year-old child comes right upon the tragic heels of ongoing news coverage of 16-year old Phylicia Barnes who went missing after visiting Baltimore during her Christmas break.

How does the Baltimore Christian community respond?

Baltimore Youth & Workforce Examiner, Lynn Pinder completed a story on the missing honor student and encourages readers to contact the local authorities if they have any information about Phylicia Barnes. Others like Debbie Douglass, publisher and editor of Baltimore’s Woodlawn Villager Community Newspaper and Rev. William Wingo, publisher of The Power Magazine have done their due diligence by continuing to post statuses relating to the timely news on popular social media network site, Facebook requesting support and prayers. And speaking of social media, if you happen to peruse the RSS feeds, I’m sure that you’ll find many who have in someway expressed their sorrow and even disgust in a post or two referencing both events, encouraging all to come together in agreement, support and prayer.

The Baltimore Christian Living Examiner would like to also encourage readers and supporters to stand united in prayer on behalf of everyone who was involved directly or indirectly in the recent events that have taken place as well as the tragedies and incidents not covered by the media.

Anyone with information pertaining to Phylicia Barnes is asked to contact the Baltimore Police Tip Line toll-free at 1-855-223-0033.


  • Profile picture of Beverly Mucha
    Beverly Mucha 4 years ago

    Prayers to the family and to Phylicia, that she finds her way home again safe and unharmed.

  • Profile picture of Victoria Poller
    Victoria Poller 4 years ago

    Please keep us informed and don't allow her memory to die.

  • Joy Turner 4 years ago

    Yes we are all still in prayer and there aren't any new developments to my knowledge of her case. Today is her 17th birthday and people all across the nation are still lifting her up in prayer as well as the victims and families in Arizona. The prayers of the righteous availeth much...

    Joy - Baltimore Christian Living Examiner

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