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Baltimore breast augmentation patients get another choice for breast implants

The FDA recently approved another teardrop shaped silicone gel implant. These implants are kind of like the gummy bear implants that we've been hearing about for years that are used in Europe and other parts of the world. Mentor is the name of the breast implant company that received the approval for their new breast implants. These implants give a very natural look to the breast without being just a circle. They are also made of silicone gel that give the breasts a very natural feel as well. Baltimore breast implant specialists will be thrilled to use these implants as they give their patients another choice for a natural look and feel after a breast enhancement procedure. A Baltimore breast augmentation patient can expect a 3-4 day recovery with little discomfort. Usually, one week off of any exercise is required. Check with your Baltimore breast enhancement doctor to see if these new implants are right for you.

Baltimore breast enhancement patients get new choice for breast implants
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