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Baltimore boutiques: Reliable style tips with a local eye

Local boutiques owners are resident style experts, and some have interesting, insightful blogs.
Local boutiques owners are resident style experts, and some have interesting, insightful blogs.
Photo courtesy of the Garnish Boutique blog.

Well, I know it’s been awhile. The end of the second epic blizzard in Baltimore (the last time I wrote) is long over. Although I did see small piles of snow during a trip to the Towson Town Center earlier today. Amazing!

My recent lack of posting doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about this blog. In fact, while re-designing my own website to incorporate a new blog element, I thought much of this space, with deep consideration about what makes an interesting style or fashion blog, and why we go to them.

I know some people may think that they are too busy for style and fashion, that there are bigger problems to solve. I agree, there are bigger problems. But we all have a personal life – and style and fashion is very particular to each of us as individuals. It got me thinking about the fabulous array of boutiques we have right here in Baltimore that go beyond hanging clothing on a rack or arranging items on a shelf.

I’ve identified a few blogs that I recommend you frequent for style/fashion ideas:

Shine Blog: With tips like Dana Covit’s: “Nothing signals springtime to me like some good basic stripes ... Worn with jeans, black leather, khaki trenches, skirts… it all sort of works in a casual, easy way,” how can you go wrong? It’s not always about showing the world what you have in the store. The regular postings and simple style ideas make this blog stellar in my book.

Garnish Boutique: Does the old saying “always the bridesmaid, never the bride” apply to you? If so, then this blog is perfect. If not, and you want to know more about your role in the wedding party then this is perfect, too. With suggestions like adding floral elements, popular colors for the year and season, and insider style previews, this is a terrific resource for bridal parties that want to know more than what dresses are available at the store.

Cupcake: Sometimes you just need some photos for inspiration. This blog features new styles with absolutely no commentary. It can’t get any more objective than that.

And, of course, I can’t forget veteran bloggers Baltimore Rich Girls, who are celebrating the grand opening of their new space TONIGHT. For more details, go here.


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