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Baltimore author reveals the truth through Restoration

Angela Davis, author of 'Restoration: Revolving Doors'
provided by and used with permission from Angela Davis

At a recent book festival, this writer became fascinated by the presence of a woman whose book, 'Restoration: Revolving Doors', is changing lives. At that event, she told her story and how the book came to exist. Her name is Angela Davis and this writer had the occasion to interview her Friday, May 30, 2014. This article is the result of that interview.

Me: Angela, thank you for allowing me the privilege to interview you.
Angela: I am honored to be added as a voice for the people of the Examiner. Getting my story out is my passion because so many people are hurting and have lost all hope.

1.How do I describe myself? As a Baltimore author, I stir readers with 'Restoration:Revolving Doors'. Sharing my tumultuous story of how spiritual healing saved me and my family from three generations cursed with drug and alcohol addiction , domestic violence, crime, and mental illness.

2. When and how I started ? After over thirty years of living an illicit lifestyle on the streets of Baltimore. I was tired of being sick and tired. 2005 at a Crisis point almost losing my life in the hands of my children's father and my bowels broke... I heard my call from God. My inner strength came from Jesus Christ, my redeemer. I solidly committed to drug and alcohol recovery seeking other support groups for help. Something had to change to stop the cycle of pain.

3. Who influenced me the most? My spiritual parents Pastor Clendon Terry and my First Lady Reverened Robin Terry from my home church Promise Land Church Ministries. They love me like the love of Christ for who I am and who I was. They show me how to love those who hurt me, how to love myself and how to forgive through the Word of God. I was lost when I met the two and they are my teachers , preachers and mentors. I had a lot of rage when I met them and I have grown to be the woman I am today because of their hearts for me. Never once did they judged my past, but gave me hope for my future!

4. Where have I appeared? God allowed me to reach people through media, such as radio interviews and radio blogs. (Mr. Anthony McCarthy Show WEAA 88.9 FM) (Kingdom Connections with Annette Morton) (Healing Through Hurt i Talk Radio and seminar.) magazines (Sarah Magazine 2013 edition) and newspaper.( Hampton Roads Virginia daily news and Examiner) Speaking engagements at (Sojourner College , Northwest police district , S.E.L.F Image Awards against domestic violence) recovery homes at (Gaudenzia Treatment Rehabs for men and women based on drugs and mental illness). book signings and seminars. Agape Christian Book Store and other book signings.

5. What's next for me? Working toward adapting my book into film and taking my story to the nations by the Grace of God!!

6. Where do I see myself five years from now? This is my favorite question because I live a life of hope , determination and faith today. I see myself as a very successful woman out of poverty and debt free so that my children and grandchildren can have the best education they deserve and we can live comfortably. Also I want to help those who are still trapped in poverty and also help Christian schools for mothers that want their children to have a good education, but can not afford it. I see my movie 'Restoration: Revolving Doors' a success throughout the country and I will be preaching the good news taking it to the nations. I see myself with great men and women eating at the same table drinking a cup of tea. I see my own talk show on domestic violence. I see marriage in the body of Christ. Transitional homes for battered women and children are my biggest passion!! I'll be teaching them how to live and overcome mental illness and unforgiveness, teaching them how to overcome child abuse , domestic violence and drugs.

7. What are the challenges you have had to face? My challenges are horrific at times because of what I have been called to do for God's glory and that is to bring souls to Christ. I am always being under attack because of my old lifestyle. My children, grandchildren, family and friends, but what keeps me focused and grounded with my faith, mission and vision is...

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers,against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12

8. How do I want to be remembered? I want people to remember me as a woman that loved the LORD and as a servant for the LORD not for man!! I brought souls to Christ for His glory not mine. When she gave her life to Jesus she walked it not just talked it.

9. What is my advice to the next generation? Love yourself and build a positive foundation. If you love yourself , you can love the next person. Get your education because education is power. Read books and set short and long term goals and achieve them. Believe in yourself and know there is hope if you fall down in life just get right back up , don't dwell on it. Hang out with winners. Talk to someone that you can trust. If you are being abused physically , mentally and sexually child abuse , domestic violence and sexual abuse, it is not your fault. Get help if you suffer with drugs , alcohol , pills , HIV or AIDS, illicit lifestyles-all cause death. Get involved in a support group at schools , churches and the library. Stay away from rap music , video games and clubs. Get into science , hiking, skating , biking , swimming , challenge your mind by inventing. Find a hero!!

10. How can people get in touch with me?


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Angela Davis, Author & Motivational Speaker
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Me: Once again, thank you, Angela, for granting this interview. Angela: No, thank you. This helps my mission.

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