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Baltimore-area Friendly's restaurants debut 100% risk-free dining experience

Restaurant with Ice Cream theme
Restaurant with Ice Cream theme
Friendly’s Ice Cream

Like it or it's FREE at your local Baltimore-area Friendly's. On Monday, April 28, 2014, Friendly’s Ice Cream, the operator of 340 Friendly’s restaurants and a manufacturer of ice cream products distributed in over 8,000 retail outlets, will debut its Great Memories Guarantee, an innovative, risk-free dining initiative that serves as CEO and President John Maguire’s personal invitation for guests to try Friendly’s new and improved dining experience.

“Our goal is to provide current and future generations with the opportunity to enjoy our great food and ice cream treats while creating new memories of their own in an environment that’s both warm and welcoming,” said Maguire.

Since taking over the 78-year-old company’s leadership in June 2012, Maguire and the Friendly’s team have been diligently working to improve food quality and guest service at all locations. Confident that the steps taken have created friendlier people, craveable food and an energized environment– Maguire is promising diners that the brand is “back and better than ever” and at their next visit they will have a great experience.

“When I think about Friendly’s, I recall the memorable visits that I had as a child dining at my local restaurant with family and friends,” said Maguire.

Here's there MOTTO: Friendly's is a place where hungry people can sit together, eat together, joke together and debate about who has the best way to eat an ice cream sundae, where sons can find out why lefty pitchers are harder to hit and where families can meet up to get an extra fifteen minutes of talk time over our famous ice cream.

Did you know? To date, improvements to Friendly’s overall dining experience include the retraining, re-certification and rehiring of all restaurant employees, the upgrade of ingredients such as fresh, never frozen, beef burgers, ocean fresh haddock in the Fishamajig SuperMelt, and the reintroduction of hard ice cream in the classic Fribble shake, along with the refreshing and refurbishing of interiors and exteriors at over forty locations.

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