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Ballston, Custis trail, pond, Cherry Valley Park loop

Snap dragons growing wild
Snap dragons growing wild
James George

It was about 4 p.m. in the afternoon when starting the walk today. The sun is warm, but a little breeze and trees keep the temperature bearable. Earlier today, I picked cherries and mulberries, so the day has been filled with being outdoors.

Bikers returning home from work on Custis Trail
James George

First, walking along Custis trail toward Rosslyn, the bikers are heading home from work coming toward me. Walking down the grade in the direction of the Potomac, bikers struggle a bit with the steep incline back toward Ballston. That is a reminder that the return trip is uphill.

The first destination is to see if there are turtles in the pond and lotus flowers in bloom. The pond along I-66 is pretty dirty as it takes lots of runoff from streets. However, the plant life seems to help filter it naturally. There is lots of shade along the way. A rabbit was munching in grass. Birds chattered to keep me away from their nests.

Near the pond is an entrance to Cherry Valley Park. I was there at the opposite entrance last week, and didn’t realize that it dead ends into the Custis Trail. That makes it suitable for a return hike up the hill to Quincy Drive. The walk through that park is pretty.

Walking by Washington-Lee High School, I intersected with Washington Blvd. One might think there isn’t much to see on Washington Blvd. but you would be surprised that a guy has installed a putting green in his backyard.

See the slide show.

This loop walk was about three miles round trip.