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Ballooning like the Wizard over the Sonoran Desert

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There’s no question that the sunrise over the Sonoran Desert is inspiring – and yet watching that desert sunrise from a hot-air balloon is one of those unforgettable experiences you recall all through life.

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Sailing a couple thousand feet above ground in a rainbow-colored balloon, you feel like the Wizard heading home from Oz – and as the balloon gently rises and falls with the winds, you watch jackrabbits darting and coyotes slinking between cacti and cloud formations hovering just above your head.

Rainbow Ryders has been in business for twenty-eight years and their pilots have over 150 years of combined experience, with a total of more than 23,000 flight hours carrying over 170,000 passengers.

While you might balk at the early sunrise departure, that’s when the desert’s thermal activities and winds are the calmest. The Rainbow Ryders crew takes you to the launch site in the Sonoran Desert – and then meets you an hour or so later at the chase site where you land softly on the desert floor after your cruise across the sky. A champagne toast follows in honor of the first hot-air balloonists and the gods of the sky.

The truth is, it’s all slightly mystical and magical, floating above the earth in a hot-air balloon – and you’ll love every moment of it.