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Balloon Boy: the video game

If you've been living under a rock for the past few months, there was a story a while back about a boy and his balloon. Fort Collins' favorite celebrity resident Falcon Heene has stepped into the gaming world with the latest installment from San Fransico's Heyzap Entertainment.

In the Ballon Boy game, you play as the lovable scamp Falcon in an attempt to waste as many taxpayer dollars as you possibly can while trying to avoid obstacles such as birds, spaceships, and the dreaded Michael Moore.

If you're looking for a cheap (free) form of entertainment to relive the excitign tale of a complete waste of time, take a shot at this nerve-racking showcase of local culture that's sure to pull at your heart-strings. Thank's Heene family, now the entire world is laughing at Fort Collins. SPOILER ALERT: Falcon was in the attic the whole time

Play the video game in it's entireity at


  • Divine Right 4 years ago

    The game made in poorest taste since JFK Reloaded and Columbine Massacre RPG.


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