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Ballets with a twist: Rethink ballet

Ballets With A Twist: Rethink Ballet

Ballets With a Twist: Rethink Ballet

Going to watch a live performance of the Nutcracker ballet is, for many, a Christmas tradition. However, once the holiday season is over, most people will not see a ballet performance again for another year because pink and white tutus and classical orchestra music are just not up their alley. But the Ballets With a Twist dance group is now offering avant-garde performances to the public, prompting their audiences to rethink ballet.

The Ballets With a Twist dance troupe was founded in the 80's and 90's by former vaudeville and ballet dancer Marilyn Klaus when she joined forces with composer Stephen Gaboury. Together, they brought original dance creations from the troupe's home base of New York City to cities all over America and into Europe. Return to Normalcy and Silver Thaw are just a few of Klaus' highly acclaimed productions which were praised by sources like the New York Times and Dance Magazine. Through adding rock n roll and even honky-tonk to her ballets, Klaus' work reaches out to people of all tastes, not just to the traditional ballet crowd.

On September 13, 2014, Ballets With a Twist is bringing Cocktail Hour to Medford Oregon's Craterian Theater, showcasing it's unique flavor in the Rogue Valley for one night only. The evening will be filled with dances that represent every delicious drink from the bubbling, non-alcoholic Shirley Temple to the bold, spirituous Bloody Mary. Patrons will be able to enjoy sipping on their favorite drinks as they are colorfully presented on the stage! Ballets With a Twist invites dance lovers, both young and old to join the ballet troupe for this memorable performance of their trademark production. For more information on this innovative company visit: or check out their billing on the Craterian Theater's website at:

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