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Ballet dancers reveal 'Wild Sweet Love'

Sacramento Ballet brings Wild Sweet Love trio
Sacramento Ballet

The Sacramento Ballet is bringing Wild Sweet Love to the Community Center Theater with a great deal of personal inspiration. In an earlier article, the Wild Sweet Love experiences of dancers Dylan Keane and Karen Wing was shared with candor. Two more of their fellow cast members now share their views on the triple ballet treat, what they love about it, and how it might be an ideal Valentine's gift.

Sarah Britton Hicks, a ballet dancer of 19 years, will perform in all three pieces Wild Sweet Love, Wunderland, and Acceptance. Rather than taking your date to see some of the rampant productions of vampires, werewolves and witches at a local movie theater, Hicks suggests that an evening at the February ballet show featuring love and more love might be a more romantic and memorable option. She states that to "see a group of dancers perform a heartfelt ballet about love and human connections" would be her strong personal preference. Since Hicks is a ballet dancer and a dedicated one, we would expect this preference but this isn't cause to dismiss the idea of going to the ballet for a Valentine outing or even just a great way to share love with close friends and family.

After 19 years of dancing ballet she is still in love with the art and its power as a tool of communication and inspiration. The Valentine trio ballet allows audience members to "experience three different views of love, relationship and connectivity." As a dancer in all three pieces, she has an intimate relationship with the uniqueness of each choreographer's vision. Although the pieces are not typical story ballets and embody a more contemporary approach including the music selections, the audience will be treated to traditional ballet skills, grace, strength and beauty and at times tipping the heat with a healthy portion of sexy. Hicks will also perform in one of the few duets for the Partridge Family segment of Wild Sweet Love.

According to Hicks, the phrase Wild Sweet Love "perfectly embodies the passionate nature of relationships between people who truly care about one another." She says that "love can be chaotic and frenzied and sometimes filled with anxiety, but ultimately when you invest in making a relationship work, the rewards are immeasurably sweet." While Sarah states that her biggest challenge in this production is to give each of the ballets it's own personality but also resist projecting her own ideas onto them, it is her own deep love for ballet and respect for its magic that is only possible through years of unwavering dedication that help bring the choreographer's vision to life.

All of the Sacramento Ballet dancers participating in the Wild Sweet Love trio have earned their places in the magic. Maggie Rupp started dance at the age of three and after 16 years of hard work she continues to feel the thrill. Her love for ballet will also inspire the audience as Ma Cong's, Trey McIntyre’s and Edwaard Liang's visions come to life in Sacramento where the arts are alive with fire.

Rupp sees the Valentine association as an ideal gift (whether to a loved one or to one's self) due to the "broad range of the word love" that it depicts. She says that it shows "giddy, new love ... a love you've had a lifetime [and] everything in between." Because both the music and the movement are quite different in each piece, it's fun to rehearse and perform and the audience will be invigorated by the variety. According to Rupp, the Wild Sweet Love trio of words gives her "goosebumps" whether in rehearsal or in the music or merely written on the board because she realizes "that love couldn't be described any better than that; it's supposed to be wild and overwhelming and be the one thing you always have on your mind."

Wild Sweet Love will be performed for three 7:30 p.m. shows on Feb. 13-15 and one final 2:00 p.m. show on Feb. 16, 2014. This production is a rare opportunity for Sacramento art enthusiasts to share in a comprehensive ballet adventure of love in its many forms. Glimpses of its preparation reveal that the three pieces will bring fun, sweetness, seriousness, struggle, complexity and simplicity to the stage. With three different pieces composed to fill out a single evening of ballet performance, no one but a dance hater could go away disappointed. You can read more about the upcoming triple billing in the coverage of the Red Hot Valentine preview WSL event which took place on Feb 8 at the article here.

You can get more information at the official Sacramento Ballet website here or at the Examiner event announcement here. The Community Center Theater is located at 1310 L Street, Sacramento, CA. Please see the first of the interview series of articles on Wild Sweet Love here.

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