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Ball State ascends to the top in the war between religion and science

One King to rule them all
One King to rule them all
By Randy Pope

There is no need for Christians to fall into the same trap that Sam Harris, and Ball State University have fallen into. In his article 'Science Must Destroy Religion' Sam Harris asserts that the only path to progress is for rational, scientific, thinking to triumph over religion. The Christian should realize that there is no war between science and true religion. The battle that needs to be waged is the battle for truth over non-truth. Both good science and true religion must triumph over false religion.

Sam Harris is correct in much of his analysis of the problem with religion in relationship to culture and truth. In the opening paragraphs of his article 'Science Must Destroy Religion' he states, “Unfortunately, there are many books that pretend to divine authorship, and each makes incompatible claims about how we all must live.” Absolutely! All of these religions cannot be true. They can all be false, or one can be true, but they cannot all be true. The question is does one religion make sense of all reality, knowledge, and ethics?

'Science Must Destroy Religion” exposes the problem with the 'new tolerance' which pervades modern American culture. Harris says, “...tolerance is not without its liabilities. Our fear of provoking religious hatred has rendered us incapable of criticizing ideas that are now patently absurd and increasingly maladaptive.” The historical Christian view of tolerance is to respect one even when you know him to be wrong. The Christian, in accord with Sam Harris, must reject the idea that every belief must be accepted. It is not hateful to tell someone he is wrong. One of the most hateful things one can do is allow truth to be destroyed by ignorance. Ball State should understand that it is through open, honest, discourse that ignorance will be destroyed.

After obliterating the idea of tolerance Harris begins to escalate the war between science and religion. “It has also obliged us to lie to ourselves — repeatedly and at the highest levels — about the compatibility between religious faith and scientific rationality.
The conflict between religion and science is inherent and (very nearly) zero-sum. The success of science often comes at the expense of religious dogma; the maintenance of religious dogma always comes at the expense of science.” While the Christian thinker can agree that false religion has hindered the proliferation of science, and will continue to do so, science and a Christian dogma fit hand in glove. In fact good science cannot be performed without first accepting the Christian idea of the laws of logic. Again the battle is science and Biblical truth on one side and false religion on the other. The problem is that Ball State is now one of the cathedrals for the new state established false religion.

Harris continues, “Religion is fast growing incompatible with the emergence of a global, civil society...I believe that the antagonism between reason and faith will only grow more pervasive and intractable in the coming years.” If this be true it is only because those who place their faith in scientism, like Sam Harris has, and Ball State now teaches, will continue to lump true religion in with false religion in an attempt to elevate atheism.

'Science Must Destroy Religion' closes with this “

In the spirit of religious tolerance, most scientists are keeping silent when they should be blasting the hideous fantasies of a prior age with all the facts at their disposal...Only then will the practice of raising our children to believe that they are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or Hindu be broadly recognized as the ludicrous obscenity that it is. And only then will we stand a chance of healing the deepest and most dangerous fractures in our world.” Sam Harris recognizes the need for truth to triumph. Every problem experienced by man today is a result of false religion. The Christian must understand that much of that false religion is rampant in the Christian church today. Seek truth as your highest calling, because in as much as you are wrong in your understanding of scripture you are a part of the problem.

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