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Balinese Blue Krishna Organic coffee from Vienna Coffee Company is a party in your mouth

Organic Balinese Blue Krishna by Vienna Coffee Company looks almost as good here as in the cup.
Organic Balinese Blue Krishna by Vienna Coffee Company looks almost as good here as in the cup.
Photo by the author

"It is quite rare for this area to get a Balinese coffee, but we have it, and we want you to try it." - Vienna Coffee Company blog.

The fact of the matter is, it is indeed quite rare for this region to get coffee from Bali, particularly the relatively rare Bali Blue Krishna organic coffee that Vienna Coffee Company, located locally to Knoxville in Maryville, TN, now is able to offer. Nearly all Balinese coffee gets shipped either to Japan or to very select markets in the United States, usually in large cities where its somewhat niche appeal will find a fuller audience. That this coffee has a niche appeal, though, is surprising considering how interesting and unique it is.

"This one [Balinese Blue Krishna organic] is really a party in your mouth. Some seem to really like it, and some seem not to." That's what this Examiner was told when talking about the Balinese Blue Krishna coffee at the Vienna Coffee Company roastery before he bellied up to trying it. The words are accurate. This rare Balinese coffee didn't taste like any other coffee that he's ever tasted. The reasons: Bali presents a unique growing situation even within Indonesia and then processes their beans using a partially wet-processing method, whereas most coffee is processed via a dry processing method. Details of that aside, it results in a bright, clean cup of coffee that still retains enough of the rich, dark character of Indonesian coffees that makes Sumatra Mandheling so overwhelmingly popular among rich-coffee lovers.

The experience of this coffee, besides a characteristic Indonesian richness and volcanic soil characteristic, is a certain tanginess that's completely unexpected and entirely pleasant. Vienna Coffee Company roasts this coffee to the perfect level: the full city roast, which really complements is medium-but-lightly-syrupy body and nutty finish. It makes a fine espresso, one that is strongly reminiscent of the cups available in Tuscany, and even that does marvelously to milk to create an overwhelmingly interesting and delightful cappuccino or latte. It does well brewed also, either in a French press or drip machine, and the flavor notes of the brew, when taken black, are tantalizing and poignant, though it comes out slightly less tangy this way than when brewed under pressure. With sugar, the "party in your mouth" is most noticed, and with cream, the flavors mellow and mingle into a very pleasant cup that's hard to put your finger on but easy to enjoy fully again and again.

To order some Organic Balinese Blue Krishna coffee from Vienna Coffee Company, you can follow this link to the Bali Blue Krishna page on their website and place a web order, unless you live in or around Knoxville. If you're a local, then by all means, buy your coffee locally and either support a local business that carries it (see here for a complete list) or visit the roastery in Maryville (106 Everett Ave. in Maryville, TN).

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  • Elizabeth Kelly: Knoxville Restaurants Examiner 5 years ago

    Not sure if I want coffee to be a party in my mouth --depends on what sort of party! I would be interested in trying it, though.

  • Jim Lindsay 5 years ago

    It's a good party... not like a crazy rave or lame 5-year-old's birthday party with clowns and screaming kids or anything like that. I think that description comes from the subtle undertones of "rich Indonesian" combined with the bright, cleanness of a semi-wet-processed bean, which also contributes an interesting tangy quality that's quite pleasant. At the time when we had this last, my wife declared it's her second favorite coffee (after Sumatra, of course).

    I'd describe the party as one of those "nice laid-back evening with several friends, some of whom tend to make funny and unexpected comments" kinds of party.

  • JonK 5 years ago

    Sounds terrific, I just found a local shop near me that sells Vienna beans! I hope they carry the Balinese brew.

  • Jim Lindsay 5 years ago

    If not, JonK, stop by the roastery in Maryville. If you show up during their normal business hours (particularly while it's cold out), they'll probably be roasting while you're there. In any case, you'll get the nickel tour of the place, which is a really cool experience, and get to meet the folks behind this really good coffee. If they don't have the BBK when you're there, they'll know when they'll have it next.

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