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Baldur's Gate may be making a return

Is there more on the way?

A new website has appeared with the address, although aside from a single image, and quoatation, nothing else is revealed. However, there has been news recently that the website is connected to the small studio Beamdog, and Trent Oster, a former BioWare developer who was involved with the original Baldur's Gate series on the PC.

The original Baldur's Gate series was released on the PC in 1998. It was a licensed property that took place in the Forgotten Realms setting of the Dungeons & Dragons table-top role-playing game. The series has been available on Good Old Games for some time now, with rumors of a Steam collection in the works. Speculation has pointed towards a possible mobile version of Baldur's Gate, such as on iOS or Android platforms, but it looks like we'll just have to wait until this new website updates for more information.