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Bald eagle caught in coyote trap is rescued

Bald eagle caught in trap
Bald eagle caught in trap
Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

Power company workers helped save the life of a Bald Eagle, wounded after being caught in a trap set for a coyote.

Mary Hetz, Ameren`s Manager of Transmission Vegetation Management, said “One of them spotted some commotion flopping around, something they recognized was trying to take off and wasn`t getting anywhere, and they got a little bit closer and recognized what it was right away.”

Two of the eagle’s toes had been caught in the trap, which was set in a wooded area near Labadie, Missouri. Although managing to get free, the exhausted bird was in danger since it was unable to fly.

Walt Crawford, founder of the Wildlife Bird Sanctuary, was called out to help capture the bird.

“He was just literally wings-out, lying there with his head down, totally tired which made our job a little easier,” said Crawford.

The wounded bird was taken to the sanctuary for treatment. Crawford expects the eagle can be released back into the wild in about a month.

There are several online petitions asking for the ban of traps, including Ban Snare Traps, Petition on trapping and bear baiting regulations, USA – Ban Trapping on Public Land, and Abolish Trapping in the U.S.A.

Also in Missouri is the petition For the love of Chitter: Missouri says NO to raising defenseless baby wildlife. Click on the name of the petition to read more about that petition and to sign.

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