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Bald Barbie: new beauty icon

New Beauty Icon
New Beauty Icon
NBC News

The story of Bald Barbie is a fantastic example of one woman’s concept that’s developed into a world changing phenomena, especially for girls afflicted with cancer or Alopecia, two maladies known to cause extensive hair loss.

This weekend, media everywhere is announcing that Mattel has agreed to produce Bald Barbie, as the result of a viral Facebook campaign “Beautiful and Bald Barbie! Lets see if we can get it made.” The page was initiated just four months ago by Jane Bingham and Rebecca Sypin, both of whom have daughters who lost their hair due to cancer treatment.

When this role model of social networking gained national attention, Mattel invited these women to its headquarters to learn about their vision in more detail. Since then, the crusade has attracted over 156,000 supporters online, convincing Mattel there’s enough passion behind the Bald Barbie idea to implement an extremely worthwhile marketing coup.

Bald Barbie, a “friend” of Barbie’s, is being created with wigs and other accessories, as well as the option to go bald, conveying the bold statement that bald is beautiful! At least for now, the new doll won’t be available on store shelves. Instead, it will be given to children’s hospitals and the National Apolecia Areata Foundation. We look forward to seeing Barbie's bald friend here in Cincinnati soon. She will certainly be most welcome!

Bald Barbie will let girls struggling with cancer or Alopecia know that baldness is normal and accepted. Further, it doesn’t detract from their innate loveliness. Beyond this, Bald Barbie will be a global icon, announcing to the world that baldness is not only beautiful, it’s a badge that deserves our respect, since it represents the remarkable spirit of women of all ages who experience it as a side effect in their battle against disease which can strike anyone.

This is effective communication in action, empowering women everywhere to express their authenticity to worldwide applause!


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