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Balboa Park night lights change to LED color tonight

Following a path through Balboa Park at night, tonight, June 16th, gets easier, and, more stunning, than ever before. San Diegans traveling to the park to enjoy the park's night life will find new energy-efficient lights that can paint the sky near two thousand seven hundred colors.

Mayor Kevin Faulconer, and Council President Todd Gloria, turn on the new lights SDG&E installed, 8 pm, at the "Light the Park" event. The city leaders join an SDG&E official and the Balboa Park lighting project manager, in front of the Museum of Man, to start off the days the night life in the park can stay filled with full outdoor trips locals make a habit. Visitors will walk the open spaces along the El Prado, and around the park, in the safety of full lighting.

The red, green, and blue LED lights save the city money. LED lights glow at an energy use level lower than the park's old lights. In the future, the park, and city event holders, can change the three colored lights into any of their thosuands of hues to put on a light display.

Color washes on the Balboa Park buildings' architectural fronts will be a regular lights show.

The park's Centennial Celebration is not here until the end of the year. But, the new SDG&E lights touch up the public spaces for the coming seasons of outdoor activities in Balboa Park. Just two weeks after the newly decked Cabrillo Bridge west entrance into the park on Laurel Street reopened to drivers on June 2nd.

Councilman Gloria, for the past several years, has worked on building a modern day scene at the park to set up growth in park activities following the 100 year celebration. Workers removed the old light fixtures, and, installed the new posts and LED lights during the recent weeks. San DIegans planning Summer visits to Balboa Park have a short time to put the night crowds, and the colored lights, in their park plans.

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