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Balboa Park bridge entrance torn up

Balboa Park entrance stands with life died down. Rehabilitation work is underway along the Cabrillo Bridge deck length.
Balboa Park entrance stands with life died down. Rehabilitation work is underway along the Cabrillo Bridge deck length.
Adam Benjamin

Caltrans workes off to a quick starrt on breaking up the Cabrillo Bridge road surface, on Friday, operated a heavy pulverization machine in a fenced off road secion drivers use to travel onto the El Prado in Balboa Park. Pedestrians walked the normally quiet bridge deck on the southside sidewalk the construction team left open.

Caltrans workers use CAT roller to move old road deck on Cabrillo Bridge.
Adam Benjamin

Demolished grooves ran along the 765 foot travel road the workers started breaking apart on Thursday, January 2nd to replace the surface on. The road work adds work for the Caltrans team handling the rehabilitation and seismic retrofit work project underway.

While park visitors come and go on foot, and on bicycles, on the deck, workers under the bridge by the 163 freeway make the crossroads safer by strenthening the Cabrillo Bridge's structural integrity. The project started last Summer will set up the El Prado entrance bridge to handle the peak times Balboa Park traffic that will return after deck work ends on April 30th. Until then, pedestrians will use the deck lengths the workers do not fill up with deck rebuilding work. Open paths will shift to the center, or one or both of the sidewalks on the ridge sides,during the months the road surface and sidewalks are replaced.

Paths are clearly marked.

Park museums and institutions take no days off. On Friday, the entrance steps to the Museum of Man at the project east end were open to visitors. Nearby, workers replaced pavement bricks on the El Prado walking path.

Making the Carillo Bridge fit to last decades during the 2000s does not stop San Diegans from joining the crowds that keep up their park visit habits.

The central San Diego park still has the paths open to a steady stream of visitors this year. Drivers coming off the I-5 and 163 freeways can take Park Boulevard paths marked with signs. The I-5 path starts on A Street. Sixth Avenue and Upas Street makes travel into the park from town fast.

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