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Balancing skin care

Out of balance skin is obvious. It just does not feel right. It is either tight, or dry, or oily. Tight skin feels uncomfortable. Dry skin often shows signs of early aging with fine lines. Oily skin promotes blackheads because unchecked oil production can clog pores. So where does a person begin?

If the skin just does not feel right, pull out all the skin care products hiding in the bathroom cabinets. Have a lot? Start there because most skin care products are chemistry based. If a person mixes products, the result may not be a balanced combination. The best first step is to see an esthetician. Keep in mind that everyone is selling products these days. This does not mean that any one product line is the right one, so ask these questions. Does the esthetician use the products? Where has the esthetician received this training?

When the esthetician uses the products they sell, that often means they have benefitted from that product because of their own skin condition. Professional skin care lines include training. A serious esthetician will go out of their way to be trained. They will go to trade shows, try different products on themselves and continue their education in a myriad of ways.

When an esthetician looks at a client’s skin, the analysis will identify dry, oily, or combination skin. Additionally, this trio may include congested or dehydration. A dry skin regiment will include a creamy cleanser, alcohol free toner, a hydrating moisturizer and an eye cream. Oily or combination skin will include a foaming gel cleanser which tends to dissolve oils, an astringent toner to tighten pores, and a light weight moisturizer and an eye gel. Furthermore, all skin care lines should include an exfoliating product to remove dead skin buildup.

Some skin care lines do not offer a pH balancing toner. It is their belief that the skin’s pH balances itself within a few hours. If the skin just does feel right, try a product line that includes a skin-appropriate toner and see if that helps.

Once a skin care line is used appropriately, the balance will be immediately felt. However, keep in mind that good skin care is a lifetime event. Six months is usually required to see positive change.

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