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Balancing love and your career doesn't have to be hard

We are living in an age where the idea of entrepreneurship is attractive to hustlers and creatives. Every week in America, a new start up is forming. In your own neighborhood, you likely have seen several new businesses pop up. It's an exciting time to be someone with a dream and the initiative to make it work.

For some, being an entrepreneur may not leave much room to date. Or more accurately stated, running a business doesn't allow you to date the way normal people do. Depending on what your business or service is, you may have to work late nights and weekends. If you're not lucky enough to have investors or partners, every available penny you have goes into keeping your business afloat. It can get frustrating for those who don't understand the lifestyle that entrepreneurs choose. But that doesn't mean that entrepreneurs aren't equally successful at finding love. There are three choices that the majority of successful entrepreneurs make when it comes to relationships and finding love.

1) Be with someone who is just as passionate and just as busy as you: It may sound counterproductive, but when you're involved with someone who also keeps a full calendar, you two have an understanding. No one has to feel guilty or be disappointed. When it comes to time together, you both have to commit to setting aside time in your schedules for each other. The other thing is most adults are simply working to live. They may not be in love with their job, but they enjoy it enough because it gives them the privilege to maintain the lifestyle they want. Entrepreneurs don't work that way. Everything they do is rooted in passion and seeing the potential in that passion becoming a viable revenue stream. So when you date someone who can understand, and maybe even share, your passion, it makes everyday conversations ten times easier.

2) Be with someone who actively supports you: When your business or idea is in its infancy stage, support is crucial. Even if your significant other can't financially support it, them supporting you emotionally and mentally is just as important. In some instances, people think that just being a cheerleader is enough. And it is! But entrepreneurs experience many failures early on and they have to maintain stoicism to the outside world. It is a great release to come home to someone who reinforces the purpose and genuinely wants to see your vision come to life.

3) Be careful to not make every sacrifice about you: Relationships have shared responsibilities. With responsibility comes sacrifice. However, every sacrifice you make shouldn't be centered around your endgoal. If your significant other is important enough that you see him/her in your future, you have to remind them occassionally why they're with you through the hard stuff.

Entrepreneurship is no different than many of the other upper-tiered career fields. For example, it sounds great in theory to be married to a neurosurgeon or congressman. But the reality is those careers are vulnerable to divorce and fidelity. Why? Because the other person in the relationship is likely not in that same career. Thus they have expectations that are difficult to meet given the demand of the occupation.

It is true that you make time for what's important and what you want to make time for. You can be a successful entrepreneur and have a great love life. It gets exponentially easier as you move up. Just know that the balancing act requires your constant attention and it will take time to master that.

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