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Balance Your Energy. Balance Your Life.

Regardless of your gender, every person has both masculine and feminine attributes. Masculine energy helps you stay focused, productive, active and goal-oriented. It’s usually associated with left-brain thinking, which is more linear. Feminine energy is what helps you connect emotionally to people and situations. It’s more creative, communicative and receptive—right-brain thinking.

Most of us operate closer to either our male or female side, and that has nothing to do with whether you’re a man or woman. However, the closer you get to balancing the two different kinds of energies in your daily life and work, the more balanced and complete your life will be. For example: if you’re only open to your male attributes, you can be overaggressive. Think of war. If you mainly exhibit female energy, you could be overemotional.

Imagine what you can accomplish with equal amounts of male and female energy! You can be a strong but compassionate business leader whose success is based on the trust, love and commitment of his or her employees. You can be an organized and goal-oriented parent, who has time to volunteer for the PTA and organizes school trips flawlessly. Whether you’re a leader in a business, a government a family or just your own life, balancing your male and female side will expand your perspective and bring more clarity, harmony and peace to you and everyone around you.

Here are some ways to help balance your energies:

• Any meditation practice will make you feel more grounded and balanced. This violet flame meditation specifically addresses the merging of the male and female energies.
• When you’re in a challenging situation, ask yourself if there is another way to look at it. For example: How is it making you feel? What is your heart telling you to do? Can you take action? Can you put a plan together with little steps?
• Try activities that challenge your more dormant side. For example: if you’re a linear thinker, take a creative painting class. If you’re more receptive, join a competitive sports team.
• If you have children, lead by example and show both your strong and vulnerable sides.
• Let your children explore their male and female energies openly. Allow your boys to cry. Allow your girls to play with trucks.
• Have tolerance and patience towards others whom you don’t understand because they are either more feminine or masculine-oriented than you.
• Go outside your comfort box once in a while—cry if you never show emotion, be outspoken if you’re shy.

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