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Balance Rock State Park


While driving through the Berkshires a few weekends ago, we came across Balance Rock State Park in Lanesborough, MA. It's located within the Pittsfield State Forest, just about an hour away from Albany. Balance Rock is a 165-ton limestone boulder which is said to be the result of retreating ice sheets from thousands of years ago. Over time, soil and rock have eroded, leaving the boulder balancing upon a much smaller stone. It's really quite stunning, as it does not seem that physics should allow it to stay in this position. The rock is covered with graffiti and while some might feel is inappropriate for a natural landmark, I would argue that it adds to the intrigue. Imagine that some of the markings date back as far as the Revolutionary War. Many stories have left their mark on this rock.

Balance Rock State Park, Lanesborough, MA
Jenny deMars

The park itself makes for enjoyable walking. There are many trails great for snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing. The landscape changes periodically as you climb up into the forest. There is a nice variety of trees, including birch, maple, beech, and hemlock. Aside from the occasional snowmobile, winter leaves the area very quiet. This park is a great place to take your kids and dogs for a short outing. A perfect way to start your weekend. Enjoy!

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