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Balance any criticism or anger with tact and diplomacy

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014: You could feel some resistance at going to school or work today. If so... push through it, put a smile on your face and take advantage today's cheerful groove. This is the day to make a good impression. You're energetic, enthusiastic and confidant... but also more forceful. So... whatever you do or say today, keep in mind that a little can go a long way.

Thankfully, the sky shifted a bit over night and at the same time you're feeling more forceful... you also won't want to come across as the "bad guy". This is a good thing, because it will make you more inclined than usual to listen, be nice and consider the others' points of view.

The time has come to balance any criticism or anger with tact and diplomacy. "Tact and diplomacy are skills centered around an understanding of other people and being sensitive to their opinions, beliefs, ideas and feelings. Effective use of such skills comes from being able to sense accurately what another person is feeling or thinking at any given time and then responding in such a way as to avoid bad feelings or awkwardness, while at the same time asserting or reflecting your own ideas and feelings back in a delicate and well-meaning fashion." (Related article: The Art of Tact and Diplomacy)

For the next few weeks build rapport. Avoid talking too much about yourself or asking too many questions of others. Friendships are built by actively listening to what the others have to say, and keeping an ear out for shared experiences or circumstances.

Have fun this evening, be spontaneous, be open, express your individuality... but do it with humor, diplomacy and tact.

Today's Quote

Tact is the ability to formulate your thoughts, carefully choose your words and effectively communicate them without offending anyone. This is the most difficult skill to achieve, the best skill anyone can possess, and the most important skill in our daily lives. ~ Uzoma Nnadi

Please note: The sky speaks to you if you will let it. Every day it delivers a message that each person hears in a uniquely different way. Each day's Astro-inspiration includes a quote meant to speak to your heart and drive you toward being all you can be. These little snippets of wisdom are meant to shoot to your soul... like an arrow loaded with positive energy they are aimed to strike your heart and drive the sky's daily message home.

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