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'Bakery Boss' restores the life back to ‘Baked Euphoria’ on TLC

Last night's episode of “Bakery Boss” found Buddy Valastro in Endwell, N.Y. to visit Baked Euphoria, a throwback from the 70’s bakery run by Bonni and her daughter, Monique. She also has another daughter, Nicolina, who survived leukemia. When Buddy arrived, Bonni was out running errands, and he introduced himself to the rest of the staff.

Baked Euphoria was helped by Buddy, the Bakery Boss
Baked Euphoria Facebook Page

When Bonni returned, she advised him that she was $30,000 in debt, and this was her third attempt at running a bakery. When Buddy tried some of the items in the bakery, he liked the cookie that was a signature of the bakery, but the decorating was lacking. The scone was a nine out of ten for taste. When Buddy wanted to try a mini cupcake, he was told it was a dog cupcake. When he tasted a family traditional cookie, it tasted freezer-burned. When he spotted some different cookies, he knew they did not bake them, because they were still in boxes, and they were terrible.

When he took a tour of the bakery, he saw kitchen stoves, not industrial ones. He also saw baked cookies in the freezer. He is all for freezing cookie dough, but never baked cookies. As Bonni told Buddy the truth about her part in the bakery, she admitted she was burned out and her husband told her several times to close the doors and get a job.

Buddy let the crew know that he was aware of the low morale in the shop. So he asked the crew to go home and think about what is going wrong in the shop. The next day, he heard things like; Monique getting contradicted by Bonni in front of customers and making her feel stupid. Bonni makes too many excuses, and her lack of enthusiasm has given the staff no reason to excel. Ariel, her cake decorator expressed a desire to leave because Bonni is not a leader. When Buddy took the group outside, they saw customers who held signs expressing their love for the bakery and their products. There was a woman out there who did not know if Bonni remembered her, because she met her through Make a Wish, when her daughter was going through brain surgery. She made a Care Bear cake for her and when they went to pick up the cake, there was no charge for it. When Buddy saw what the bakery meant to the community, he knew Bonni had to stay.

He then took them back in the bakery and challenged them to make several different kinds of cookies to replace the horrible purchased ones. As they jockeyed for position in the ovens, a new enthusiasm was radiating through the bakery. They made several different cookies, and Bonni got her spark back.

When Buddy met with his designer, they agreed that the bakery needed a facelift from the front to the back. When the group could remove their blindfolds and see the transformation, they could not believe their eyes. Then they went inside and were really shocked. The place was exciting and vibrant. In the back, there was a complete bakery with industrial ovens, refrigerator and a freezer. In the prep room, there was a sheeter, where they could make fondant and do the same things that Buddy does on Cake Boss.

When they held the grand reopening, the entire community came out to support the business. The euphoria was felt all around, and after three months, the sales have doubled, thanks to Buddy, the “Bakery Boss” and his staff.

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