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'Bakery Boss' helps out ‘Lidia’s Bakeshop & Cafe’ on TLC

Last night's episode of “Bakery Boss” found Buddy Valastro in Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. to visit Lidia’s Bakeshop & Café. Lidia always wanted to open a bakery, and after receiving her degree in bakery arts, she was able to open the place in the building her mother owns. Her mother gave her the financial help she needed to open the place, but her management skills leave much to be desired.

Piggies in the Mud Cake from Lidia's Bakeshop & Cafe, Dobbs Ferry, NY
Lidia's Facebook Page

When Buddy arrived, he met with Andrea, who was behind the counter. As she went to get Lidia, Buddy did not like the décor, that had too much clutter and nothing that screamed “bakery.” When Lidia and her mother, Maria came out to see Buddy, he found out that the place was only open for six months and had no idea how much they were losing each week. Maria invested about $100,000 and because Lidia does not pay rent, she is down the $3,500 she used to get for rent.

Buddy questioned Lidia as to her desires to keep the bakery open. She is fearful that she cannot keep the place running, and her mother was crying because she did not want her daughter to fail.

Buddy then asked Andrea to serve him some of the bakery’s best sellers. He asked for a piece of cake, but they do not stock them, when he asked for a cupcake, she said she would see if there were any in the back, and she would frost one for him. He enjoyed it, although it had a bit too much frosting for his liking, but he gave it a nine out of ten. He asked for a pignoli cookie, but it was too hard. The brownie was like a rock and broke the plastic fork. So he called the staff together.

When Buddy pointed out what was lacking in the bakery. He told Lidia that she needed to showcase her cupcakes and cakes. When a woman came in to buy twenty cupcakes, they did not have enough on hand. The woman will return in 45 minutes, but Lidia had a panic attack, because Buddy told her she should have at least 200 cupcakes in the freezer. Buddy also suffers from panic attacks, and completely understands how she feels. After closing the bakery for the day, Buddy sat with Lidia and asked her if she wanted to keep the bakery or let it close? He asked her if she was ready to go to Hell and back, and her answer was yes!

The next day, Lidia looked much better and Buddy had lots of decorating tools with him for her to use. The finished product was awesome and Buddy liked it, but she does not make cakes like this to sell. Lidia then told her mother and the rest of the staff how much she wanted to do this.

Buddy gave the staff the day off while he met with his decorator who mapped out his plans. Buddy told him that he wanted to add a cake decorating station, so Lidia could show off her talents. As the workers emptied out the kitchen, Buddy got to work redoing the entire place. When Lidia, Maria and Lidia’s sister, Nadia saw the new and improved bakery, they were shocked. The shelves behind the showcases were purposely left empty for dummy cakes that would highlight her skills. Buddy also gave her a fondant sheeter to enable her to produce more cakes in less time. He had an entire setup of specialty cakes and pastries ready for her to sell.

The grand reopening lined the street with customers. When the doors opened, they stormed in and were amazed at the different items they never saw before in this shop. Then Buddy introduced Lidia to a woman named Patti, who ordered a cake from Buddy, and needed Lidia to decorate it for her goddaughter’s sweet sixteen party that is tonight.

As Lidia decorated the cake, the customers watching were enjoying the show. When Buddy and Lidia delivered the cake, the partygoers were in awe of the lovely cake she made. Now her business is known to those who live there and after three months, the sales have increased by 30% and there are lots of smiling faces on both sides of the counter thanks to Buddy, the “Bakery Boss” and his staff.

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